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coffee or tea mindfulness exercise art therapy phoenix az

There are so many ways that we can add more mindfulness into our lives, and so many things we can be mindful of. Our emotions, our thoughts, our intentions, our physical bodies.. these areas all deserve their own attention. When we take a moment to be mindful in the present, we can help decrease feelings of anxiety. 

One way we can notice our body and allow ourselves to be present is by using our five senses. I love to use a cup of hot tea (or coffee) to practice this. Make yourself a cup of your favorite beverage and use your five senses to examine it. 

Here are some things to notice:

Sight: Watch as the tea or cream mix in with the water. See the colors change. Notice how it reflects the light.

Smell: Yum. What does it smell like? Is it sweet? Bitter? Herbal? What words would describe the smell.

Touch: Feel the glass or mug. Is it warm or cold in your hands? Is it smooth or does it have texture? Notice how the drink feels in your mouth. Can you feel the warmth or coolness as you enjoy a sip? Do you feel steam touching your face?

Taste: What does it taste like? Close your eyes and really notice. Can you pick out different flavors? Are there added flavors, like cream or sugar?

Sound: Listen to the sounds of the drink pouring into your cup. Notice the sound of the spoon stirring against the inside. Do you slurp when you sip?

Now take a moment to notice how your body feels after a couple minutes of this mindful observation. You might notice your breathing is deeper. Your heart might be beating a little bit slower. You might feel less tension in your shoulders or jaw. How can you incorporate this mindfulness into other activities in your day?


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