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About Me

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I'm Leah! My journey in mental health started when I was a kid, struggling with overwhelming anxiety and depression, and really feeling hopeless. After years of appointments with different professionals I finally found the help I needed and was able to start living the life that I had wanted for so long. Right away I knew that I wanted to be that person to help someone else.

In high school I volunteered at Teen Lifeline which increased my desire to pursue mental health in my future profession. In college I found Free Arts of Arizona where I learned about how using art can help people heal.  Art has always been a passion of mine, so this was a game changer! I received my bachelor's degree from ASU, and then went on to complete my master's degree at Ottawa University in Counseling with a concentration in Expressive Arts Therapy.

Being able to combine my creative-artist brain with my nerdy-psychology brain has been a dream. Every day I come to work excited to be here, and every day I leave work energized. I am truly lucky to do this work and I am so thankful to my clients for trusting me to partner with them in their journey.

When I started Crafted Counseling, my goal was to create a counseling experience that was unlike the ones I had experienced before. I want my clients to feel comfortable, heard, respected, and important throughout their entire healing journey. I work hard to make sure that my approach is tailored to fit your needs and move toward your goals. Every person is so different.. the way they process, communicate, connect, learn.. I believe it is vital to take all of this into consideration when working with each individual.

As a client, I empower you to use your sessions in the way that will be most beneficial to you! We can use combinations of expressive arts, talk therapy (CBT, DBT, etc..), psychoeducation, skills building.. whatever you are interested in. Not sure? I am absolutely here to give more information and help guide you!

At the end of the day I want you to know that I am on your team. You matter, your emotions are valid, and you have so much opportunity for continued growth and understanding. Let's find that together!


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