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WHAT MAKES A GREAT COMMUNITY? 4 Tips for Building Your Circle

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I love Pride month. The other day I was wondering to myself, what is it about Pride that I love so much (besides the rainbows)? I came to the realization that it is the community behind Pride that brings me so much joy and energy. The LGBTQ+ community is such an awesome representation of what I like my personal community to look like.. so I thought I would break down some features that make for a great community. Whether you are trying to build your circle, or you are feeling like something within your community is “off,” I hope this is a helpful start on your journey to finding the best community for you!

1.       A great community allows you to be yourself.

This is SO important. Can you think of a time when you felt like you found “your people” and you could totally be yourself? How freeing it is to not have to think so much about what other people think! A strong community allows its members to fully be themselves and supports them in that. Fill your circle with people who respect you for who you are.. not who they think you should be.. people who appreciate what you do.. not just what you do for them.

2.       A great community sends you energy and support.

Have some hype people! Find a mentor who believes in you! Join a group of people who share your goals and dreams. Having these types of people in your community can help push you to reach your goals. Not only can they possibly support you with knowledge and connection, they can also help to increase your energy and determination to be your best self.

3.       A great community respects your values.

Notice that the word used is “respects” rather than “shares” your values. It is totally ok to have people on your team who don’t have all of the same values as you. In fact, this can allow us to learn about other perspectives and grow as a person. What is critical is that your values are respected. If a person is not willing to respect your values and boundaries, they do not need a spot in your circle. You deserve to feel safe with your people!

4.       A great community has a variety of different people.

Are some friends more “work,” involved in school or work.. while others are “play,” more involved in your personal life? It is very healthy to have a variety of people in your community! Having connections in different areas of our lives can help to bring us support and joy. Picture this.. you only have work friends. What do you do on the weekends? Who do you talk to about your feelings and hobbies? Or, you only have play friends. Who understands and supports your career goals? Mix it up and have a community for all of the parts of you!


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