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When we are struggling emotionally, it is really easy for us to feel isolated, misunderstood, and alone. Our minds tend to tell us that we are the only person experiencing this feeling. We are the only person going through this challenge. Nobody could possibly understand what is going on inside. But is that really true?

Our lives and situations are unique, no doubt. We all experience and process things differently. That being said, I have seen time and time again that when people share their struggles with others, they are surprised to find that other people can relate. Maybe they have been in a similar situation, or maybe they can simply relate to (or imagine) the emotion connected to it. We have all experienced pain, grief, fear.. This does not take away from the uniqueness and reality of your own struggle. We all live our own stories and feel our own complex emotions. It just shows that there are people who might understand if only we can allow ourselves to be vulnerable enough to talk about it.

I encourage you to find your people. Maybe you already have friends or family members you trust to support you. Maybe it is time to look for a counselor or a group you feel heard by to start building your support team. Either way, reach out! 


I have had many clients come to me and say “I feel stuck.” I can think of many times in my own life where this feeling has been overwhelming. When I think back to those times, I realize how different my life is now. As difficult as it was to picture my life changing, it did. 

Some changes are up to us to make. We work hard to move forward in life. We are always learning and growing. When we put in the effort, we can make incredible change in our lives. Maybe we work hard in therapy, school, work, relationships.. we have so much power to change our experiences.

On the other hand, some changes are out of our control. There are certain things we cannot avoid. We will likely experience like loss. We might have health issues. We might have people in our lives who are difficult to deal with. Life happens and things change. 

My goal with my clients is to build resilience to cope when changes do happen. Even “good” changes can be stressful and testing. We all need some basic tools that we can use to manage our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors when changes come about. My hope is not that clients don’t feel difficult emotions. I hope that my clients can go from, “I am stuck” to “This is a change, and I will get through it.”


Just by being alive you are important. You are the only person inside your mind and body. You have the power to impact the lives of others. You have the amazing ability to think however you want to. You can learn. You can find joy. You can make connections. You can make choices. You can be creative and imagine. You are unique. You are worthy and capable of sculpting the life you want, and I am so excited to see what you come up with.


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